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Hurricane Maria hit our beautiful Tropical Paradise on the 18th September.  She devastated the island without mercy or discrimination. To sum it up a military relief aid worker said 'I have flown over war zones but I have not seen anything like this - it is total and island wide devastation'.


As many of you will now know we made the heartbreaking decision to evacuate 10 days after the storm.  It was an incredibly difficult decision but we truly felt that on island we would be a further drain on already limited resources and that we could do much more to assist from the outside.


Like so many on the island we have now lost our home and livelihood but unlike so many on the island we have the advantage of a place of refuge surrounded by family and friends.  We need to take steps to rebuild our lives but before we can do that we HAVE to help the many who need support to rebuild their island and lives on Dominica, those who have no place of refuge or the comfort of family and friend’s not suffering the same tragedy as them.


On returning to the UK we discovered that Tim’s sister, Gemma, in a need to ‘do something’ to help took the initiative to set up a Justgiving page for us.  The level of donations and general support that we have received is truly overwhelming and humbling.  We would like to use the funds already available, in addition to any further that we maybe able to raise, for initiatives happening on the ground in Dominica.  We are working through the logistics and details but in summary Tim is intending to return with tools, supplies and other essential items to assist people to rebuild.  


Over the years of running Mermaid’s Secret so many people have raved about the positive experiences they have gained from their visits so we are asking you to please help us to continue to let Mermaid’s Secret provide positive experiences for people now in desperate need.  We have already started this process as our only undamaged cabin is now occupied by someone whose home was completely destroyed - there is currently no running water or power but there is a dry comfortable space. Help us to further help others make a new start at a time when people do not know how to do that. We are asking you to forego that take out coffee or sandwich and donate to our fund for Dominica the value of that one cup of coffee could really make a difference on the ground in Dominica.


Hurricane Maria........

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